Struggling with depression is hard.  We admire you for having the courage to take the next step in your journey to happiness.  That is why we are constantly looking at ways to make the intake process as efficient and easy as possible.  If you have any suggestions along the way, please feel free to share them with us.  Please follow our three step intake process to get started!

Step 1

Our TMS coordinator will reach out to you by phone for the initial phone screening.  During the phone screening, we will get to know the patients by covering their current and historical clinical information regarding their treatment in depression. The phone screening will help us determine if TMS treatment may be a good fit for the patient. To help expedite the process, please request a TMS consultation and complete the TMS Therapy Medications checklist to have ready for your phone conversation.

Click here for the list of common medications used to treat depression.  Please mark the medications you have been prescribed in the past or are currently prescribed.  Please provide estimated dates of use and the reasons for discontinuing.  In addition to completing this form, it is sometimes helpful to obtain a printout of your medication history from your pharmacy.

Step 2

If you qualify to move forward, we will set up an initial consultation between you and Dr. Schwartz.  During this time, he will confirm the appropriateness for TMS and answer any questions about the TMS treatments. 

We encourage each patient considering TMS therapy to contact their insurance company and find out the criteria for coverage of TMS.  Each insurance plan varies, so please be sure to ask about the amount of  co-payments the patient will be expected to pay.

1. Look on the back of your insurance card. Usually there is a customer service number printed there. Have your card with you when you call so you can provide your ID number.

2. Type of Service = Mental Health Outpatient.

3. Please know that we will work directly with your insurance company to make sure you meet the criteria for “medical necessity” and to seek “pre-authorization” before your treatment begins. You do not need to discuss those issues with your insurance company.

4. Once the customer service representative has located the correct CPT Codes (listed below) for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, please confirm co-payment and any deductibles that will impact the amount of your co-payment.

CPT Codes for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy:

  • 90867 x 1 visit (First day service; this includes mapping and first treatment)

  • 90868 x 35 visits (Subsequent TMS treatments after the first day).  

  • 90869 x 1 visit (This service replaces a regular treatment visit and must be done when a recheck of motor threshold is required).

Step 3:


If you fulfill the requirements to receive TMS and your insurance has agreed to cover the services, you are now ready to schedule the mapping and first treatment.  Please block off at least 90 minutes for this appointment.  Since TMS requires a commitment of 5 days/week for 6 weeks and then a tapering period, please think about what time of the day works best for you.  If you have any concerns about scheduling, please contact us about options to ensure you have the best service and chance of remission!


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