Meet The Team

Sally G.

Sally has been a TMS technician since 2016.  Since the expansion in 2018, Sally has taken on the role as head technician, ensuring other treaters are properly trained and exceeding patient expectations.
She has 3 daughters, 2 Labradoodles, and loves to sew.

MaryAnna S.

MaryAnna joined the Southcoast TMS in July 2018. She is very passionate about being part of a team that helps patients get better with TMS.

Teresa F.

Teresa joins South Shore TMS with a history of administrator experience, work in home care, and a deep desire to help those who suffer from depression.  "A belief that erasing the stigma about depression is the most important thing we can do.  Make it to talk about mental illness."

"I spent 36 days of my journey with my TMS Treater.  I almost backed out of treatment, due to my fears of failing in front of others.  My TMS treater supported me through my entire journey and gave me the support I needed to continue through my 36 treatments.  I felt a dramatic improvement in my depression, but it was my loved ones who noticed first.  As opposed to antidepressants, I felt no side effects with TMS and was impressed by how basic and noninvasive treatment was.  Today I feel clear, light and happy. TMS treatment saved my life."

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